That Time Dozens of Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs, Fossils and More Were Auctioned Online

Able Auctions

If you have ever wanted a yard full of absolutely massive animatronic dinosaurs, your prayers may have been answered.

Jeremy Dodd, who owns Able Auctions in British Columbia, sold dozens of animatronic dinosaurs in August.

The facility where the giant dinos are being held is having quite a bit of fun with their guests.

As it’s able to run eight or nine of the creatures at once, it’s not hard to stumble upon a whole host of blinking eyelids, nodding heads, and mouths that open and close.

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

You usually see these kinds of dinosaurs at museums, like London’s Natural History Museum or the Smithsonian National Zoo, but Jeremy says that this group of dinosaurs were “part of a local company here that toured the world doing dinosaur exhibits.”

Sadly, the company went bankrupt in May of this year, and may have needed to get rid of the dinosaurs to make money.

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

Jeremy also notes that all of the dinosaurs work, and Atlas Obscura describes them as being the real deal:

The dinosaurs have rubbery exteriors stretched over a steel-frame skeleton.

Instead of bellies full of chewed-up plants or smaller, unfortunate prehistoric creatures, these behemoths are full of foam, plus rumbling motors and gears.

They plug into controllers, through which a human handler can dictate how often a particular dino jerks to action, or, say, how far its tail should wag.

The dinosaurs can be sold together or individually, which is certainly a delightful bit of information. After all, who doesn’t want to welcome this guy into their home?

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

Or perhaps this dino?

Who I’m sure is just a total sweetheart once you get to know him?

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

If you’re into accuracy, this dino even comes with feathers!

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

And anyone who is having trouble imagining exactly what an animatronic dinosaur would look like in their yard will surely be satisfied with this photo of a dino in its “natural” habitat:

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

Look how cute these two are together!

It would probably be cruel to separate them.

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

They’ve also got fake fossils you can unearth…

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

Fake fossils in rocks…

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

And whatever this is!

Photo Credit: Able Auctions

Would you buy a giant animatronic dinosaur or two?

Let us know what you would do it in the comments!