Calm Yourself With This Nifty Rock-Stacking Simulator

There’s a strange sort of catch-22 going on in the world today, where we’re all encouraged to make time for ourselves, to practice “self-care,” and to not feel guilty about it – but in which we also have very little time to get that done in any real, meaningful way.

Which is why I think more and more people are turning to online spaces, apps, and other creative ways to practice self-care from the comfort of their own homes, and in the time they have available.

Image Credit: Neal Argarwal

Computer scientists like Neal Argarwal are here to help with exactly that – previously he created interactive visualizations of the scale of objects in space and in the deep sea, but this new simulator is super cool.

It’s called “Rocks,” and features four rocks in various shades of copper that can be moved and stacked in any order against a setting or rising sun. It’s accompanied by a soothing beach wave soundtrack that you can opt out of if it interferes with your concentration.

This is the sort of activity that can help calm a person, help you focus, help your mind work out solutions to the problems causing you anxiety, or otherwise be a great activity and exercise for mental health.

People are loving it on Twitter, comparing it to a great ASMR-type exercise and enjoying the simple challenge of getting the rocks to all sit atop each other for a prescribed amount of time.

Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that we appreciate the most, and I think this might be one of those moments.

Give it a try and then come back and tell us what you think!