Here’s the Quiz That All Astronauts Have to Answer Before Going to Space


When we’re young and think the world is full of possibility, we all dream of going to space, right? We tell our parents we’re gonna be astronauts, and they smile and say, “You can be anything you want to be!”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

And then you turn 12 or so and realize you can’t do math and that your focus has now switched to comic books and skateboarding…and the dream is dead.

But wait, maybe it isn’t! Astronaut Tim Peake recently posed a question to the general public on his Facebook page:

The quiz is from his book Ask An Astronaut and it left his 681,000 Facebook followers quite puzzled.

Photo Credit: Facebook, Tim Peake

So what do you think? Did you have any luck with this quiz? Do you think you have what it takes to blast into outer space?

Photo Credit: Facebook, Tim Peake

Check out Tim Peake’s original post so you can sift through the comments and compare notes with others who tried it. I know that I am terrible at math and any kind of brain teaser, so I didn’t get very far…I guess it’s back to comic books for me…