Can you spot the panda hiding with these snowmen? (There really is a panda, we promise.)

An image of a hidden panda chilling with a crew of snowmen has gone viral for its semi-difficulty. Drawn by Hungarian artist Dudolf, the picture is circulating on Facebook as people challenge their friends to see if they can spot the panda. All of a sudden, everyone cares about finding this endangered species.

It’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo?” if all the other people in the picture were wearing similarly striped sweaters.
data-href=”https://www.facebook.com/thedudolf/photos/a.479677258800858.1073741834.380909998677585/718818741553374/?type=3&amp%3Btheater=” data-width=”552″>

There’s a panda amongst them! Can you find it? Original…

Posted by Dudolf on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Here’s a closer look:

SOURCE: Facebook

For those still struggling, spoiler alert!


Are you sure?

Why don’t you take another look above?

Don’t you want to do it by yourself?


Are you REALLY sure?

Okay, we warned you…

SOURCE: Facebook

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