Can You Solve These 7 Riddles in 7 Seconds or Less?

There are riddle and brain teaser accounts all over the web, which is great, because those of us who enjoy challenging our problem-solving skills often always need more content!

We love the people at 7 second.riddles – you can find them on Instagram or Facebook for more great riddles like the ones below!

7. Who Ripped Off The Jewelry Shop?

I guess he took off his mask on the way.


6. Who Killed Homer?

The answer made me giggle.


5. Why Did Lora Run Away?

Online dating is rough, y’all.


4. How Did Tom Escape?

A study, in case you’re ever kidnapped.


3. Who Is Charlie?

Obviously a jerk, but other than that…


2. Who Is The Robber?

I love to see women branching out with their careers.


1. Can you find the odd one out?

Other than me at a party, obviously.


Did you solve them all in time? The time limit element makes them more exciting, I think!

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