12 Americans Online Who Made the Rest of Us Look Dumb

Sure, we all know that you can’t judge an entire group by the actions of one, or even a few, but stereotypes and assumptions can also be adopted because, you know…they’re more common than average.

And these 12 Americans are definitely not making the case that most of us are smart.

Quite the opposite, really.

12. Are they…are they serious?

They know it’s a name, even!

“Why do you capitalize the ‘h’ in Hitler?”
by inShitAmericansSay

11. The cringe is even harder when you’re trying to correct someone.

No, but it’s part of a country. Bless your heart.

Image Credit: Facebook

10. We do live in our own little bubble, don’t we?

And all of these people are going to miss out on Parasite. 

“Give my money back it’s not in English!”
byu/Marcin222111 inShitAmericansSay

9. I don’t understand the numbering system.

Are those points? Or?

Countries with freedom
byu/lepeluga inShitAmericansSay

8. IF ONLY we had a border with Italy.

I mean, Mexico is nice, too.

Thousands of Italians are “hopping the border to come into the US”
byu/roach_lover inShitAmericansSay

7. “The China” is already here.

The call is coming from inside the house.

“Jack can keep his mask!!!!!!! We don’t want anything from 🇨🇳. Made in the USA only. #MAGA”
byu/diamadnid inShitAmericansSay

6. They tried to come back from a serious burn with dentists.

I love my teeth but that isn’t going to do it, sir.

5. Were they trying to throw shade at an entire country?

And then…got the wrong country?

This is gold to me
byu/Obi-Wan-Granoli inShitAmericansSay

4. The preservatives and cured meat make it so nice and even.

I don’t even know what else to say.

“American pizza is far more balanced in its design and texture”
byu/chepalleee inShitAmericansSay

3. She started off making it better and then…

Crash and burn, my friends.

Noodles go in the what???
byu/Dudeface34 inShitAmericansSay

2. Grab a globe. Or a map.

This is particularly and glaringly awful.

There is technically no north of America
byu/ChoppingBored inShitAmericansSay

1. Dances and sports are everywhere.

Not even sports where dudes try to permanently injure each other are unique.

“They wanna experience our high school proms and football games”
by inShitAmericansSay

Guys, I’m really concerned about our education system. Like…really.

Which one of these had you cringing the hardest?

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