14 Times Americans on the Internet Were Really Stupid

Look, a person can be stupid no matter where they were born or what country is on their passport, but it can definitely seem like Americans are misinformed or clueless more often – or in really special ways.

If you’re not sure what I mean, check out these 14 super special tweets! I promise you’ll be convinced…

14. There’s only so much you can say.

And all of it is probably going to fall on deaf ears.

"Absolute degeneracy" from ShitAmericansSay

13. I honestly don’t even know where to start.

Our education system is clearly failing.


12. The hypocrisy is blinding.

It’s like we’re all being gaslit at once.

"im sorry but ya cant comment on our president when you dont live here, still the best country in the world" from ShitAmericansSay

11. Not only are they insulting Pride, they also used the wrong flag.

Liberian people are either endlessly confused or endlessly insulted. Maybe both.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Definitely saw that one coming.

I’m not the only one, right?

Are we ready to talk now? (From r/MurderedByWords) from ShitAmericansSay

9. Always trust the Canadians.

They’ve never given you a reason not to, after all.

Welp from facepalm

8. “Literally” is the most ironic word I know.

Americans are so funny with their “heritage” obsession.

Freedom & Freedom 🇺🇸 from ShitAmericansSay

7. I kind of want to know the context for this question.

But also I kind of don’t.

SAS do british people use forks from ShitAmericansSay

6. When you don’t realize you’re making an argument for the other side.

But also there aren’t many takes on gun ownership I like, so.

I need a gun so I can hijack an airplane to get socialized medicine from ShitAmericansSay

5. More than enough said, actually.

Dictionaries are your friend.

Someone’s a little confused what a Republic is. from facepalm

4. You don’t know about term limits? Really?

I don’t know why I’m surprised.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. I know spelling isn’t everyone’s bag.

I guess neither is geography.

God bless the internet from facepalm

2. The bad news just keeps on coming.

Not for Europe, though.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. Are we sure America isn’t in the center of the globe, though?

That would make things so much easier.

Southern Hemisphere? "Yes I live in Central Texas" from ShitAmericansSay

I am face-palming like crazy, y’all.

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