10 Disney Memes Because It’s a Small Internet After All

Via: Cheezburger

Most people on planet earth have some kind of affinity for Disney and their movies, even if it’s only as a nostalgic childhood thing. Now that the Disney universe encompasses so many things adults love, too – like Star Wars, for example – I feel like it’s harder than ever to find someone who isn’t a fan.

Which is why I’m confident that pretty much every person everywhere is going to love these 10 Disney memes.

10. I should probably be a bit worried how much I identify with Dory.

At least she’s nice I guess.

9. It’s as good as anything I’ve seen.

Those are some overachieving cats.

8. Guys Olaf is the worst.

I will not entertain arguments.

7. This is what inspires the rare Grumpy Cat smile…

Honestly, it makes me cackle, too.

6. Sorry not sorry, Elsa.

Everyone over the age of 6 is tired of hearing about your crap.

5. I’d sign the petition to make this a thing.

You know you’d be whipping out your pen, too.

4. I think I might have cried.

And asked them to sing a song, obviously.

3. I mean just look at him.

That’s going to come up in the Google search every time.

2. Nemo definitely went through an emo phase.

He looks good in black, too.

1. It’s hard to argue against this claim.

Honestly, don’t even try.

It’s always a good day to talk about our love of Disney, right?

Which one of these made you smile the biggest? Confess in the comments!