13 Disney Memes You Wished Upon That Star For

Source: Cheezburger

There aren’t very many people in the world who despise Disney, but there is also a pretty big gap between the casual Disney fan and the giant Disney lover, don’t you think?

Even so, if you’re someone who enjoys Disney a little or a lot, these 13 memes will make you do something between smile and burst into a full dance number. Enjoy!

13. As American as apple pie.

Hahahaha I never really thought about it before now.

12. Soooo saucy.

Also the way she looks at him when they’re “wrestling.”

11. I, too, feel this way.

This movie is the worst and I will die on this hill.

10. There’s plenty of happy to offset it.

Unless it’s around nap time.

9. Apparently people really love mashing Grumpy Cat with Disney.

Perhaps because it works so very well.

8. Gotta love Grumpy Cat.

Different strokes and all of that.

7. It works better than any mouse trap I’ve ever set.

It’s certainly not easy to escape.

6. I am definitely more the top one the older I get.

It makes me sad to say that.

5. You don’t need logic, guys.

And Goofy IS really dumb.

4. Oooh you’d better not ask in front of your friend.

That’s a sure way to get told nope.

3. Ugh a soulless person was here.

One of the worst moments in a Disney movie ever.

2. Moments like this just crack me up.

You don’t think about it…until you do.

1. I feel like they’re just trolling us with this.

Kids don’t notice, though, I guess.

I’m definitely smiling (and I may have sung a few stanzas here and there…).

What about you? Which one had you humming along? Tell us in the comments!