These 10 ‘I Know a Spot’ Tweets Really Rise to the Challenge

There’s a trend going around on Twitter where people imagine where different people, or groups of people, would take you after they say “I know a spot…”

As these types of things go, this one is pretty funny (and strangely good at calling large groups of people out, too). If you want to know what it’s all about, we think these 10 examples are some of the best out there!

10. That’s why we have GPS.

That’s not a punchline.

9. And then try to fake scare you.

And yell at you. Swoon?

8. So close yet so far…

This is funny because it’s true.

7. Every single month for decades.

Why do we put up with this stuff?

6. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Truly, everyone should try it.


5. They’ve never met cleaning supplies.

Or they’ve killed someone. Hard to tell.


4. Ouch.

Call them out next time.

3. Then they don’t stick around.

Because they have further down to fall.

2. This seems very specific.

But probably it’s true.

1. It makes it more exciting, no?

Until her parents inevitably catch on.

I feel personally attacked! Argh!

Which one of these made you laugh the hardest? Tell us in the comments!