Girl Makes Amazing Quarantine Prom Dress From Duct Tape

When life gives you a pandemic, make the perfect prom dress from duct tape.

That’s exactly what high school student Peyton Manker did while isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic. While it turned her senior year upside down, she said she was inspired to make something that documented history.

The dress came about as the result of a contest called “Stuck At Prom,” courtesy of Duck Brand duct tape, and the grand prize winner is up for a $10,000 collage scholarship.

Peyton is shoo-in for the prize, as she clearly put in plenty of hard work and man hours—about 395 hours over four months, to be exact.

The gown’s detail reflects what 2020 was like worldwide, while in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Social distancing signs…

Her graduating class…

Essential workers…

And even the coronavirus itself make an appearance on the colorful, opulent gown.

Peyton has posted video on Facebook to show her process of making the dress.

There are even accessories, such as flowers, a matching purse shaped like the virus, and a face mask that says “flatten the curve.”

It’s hard to know if Peyton would have stumbled upon this particular talent if there wasn’t a pandemic, but she’s definitely made the best of things—and one stunning dress—during the downtime. Hopefully, she’ll get to show off her creation when it’s over.

And, if she hasn’t thought about it before, she has a bright future in fashion design. Look out Project Runway!

Let us know what you think of Peyton’s bold fashion statement and what you’ve hobbies you’ve undertaken while isolating at home below!