Despite appearances, you wouldn’t want to bite into this delicious chicken breast. You just might break your teeth!

That’s because it’s not a piece of fried chicken at all—it’s a crystal that immediately grabbed the attention of the internet as soon as the woman who owns it, Amelia Rude, shared it on a Reddit subgroup.

Rude identified the rock as a red calcite cluster. She should know—she runs a gemstone jewelry business called Unbeadable Energies, and she’s certainly up on her stones. Redditors were fascinated by the “finger’ lickin’ good” rock, and it soon found its way to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

People have asked her if she would sell it, but she’s declined many times, no doubt well aware of the rarity of the piece. She says it probably came from Mexico, even though she got it from a friend in China, as the most fried chicken-like pieces come from Central America.

The stone opened up a whole conversation on gems, rocks, and minerals, and some people also shared their pieces that look like food—among them, a crystal that looks like a potato and another that looks like cheesecake.

Of course, if you’re interested in a red calcite cluster all your own, you can find them on eBay; they come in all shapes and sizes and at all price points. To get one like Rude’s, however, you may have to travel to Mexico yourself…or at least to a KFC.

Do you have any favorite natural objects that look just like food?

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