Captain America Is Telling Dad Jokes and Here Are 13 of the Best

The thing about memes is it’s really hard to tell what’s going to work, and what’s going to really take off, before it does.

And Captain America telling super corny Dad Jokes over a couple of Marvel scenes? I feel like it could have gone either way.

As you can see by these 13 jokes, though, it really works for some reason!

13. He knew he shouldn’t have answered this question.

But then we wouldn’t have the joke!

Image Credit: Disney

12. This one is just not that bad.

That’s what happens when you work hard, friends!

Image Credit: Disney

11. As a history nerd, this is amazing.

I am going to tell it all the time try to stop me.

Image Credit: Disney

10. An oldie but a goodie.

They’re classics for a reason.

Image Credit: Disney

9. Nooooooo it’s so bad.

And yet just so good!

Image Credit: Disney

8. This joke just never gets old.

It should, but it doesn’t.

Image Credit: Disney

7. Some people just have to be so clever.

I’m here for it.

Image Credit: Disney

6. Fart jokes are always funny.

Young or old, they just get you.

Image Credit: Disney

5. I’m not sure this is a dad joke.

Some people just can’t play by the rules.

Image Credit: Disney

4. No, no don’t do it!!

He did it.

Image Credit: Disney

3. Eeeeep it’s just so good!!

Why do these work so well sometimes?!

Image Credit: Disney

2. It feels like the wrong time for this joke.

But it’s a dad joke, so go ahead!

Image Credit: Disney

1. People just gotta go meta.

It’s not a meme until it happens.

Image Credit: Disney

I don’t know why I love these so much but I do – at least I’m not alone!

Which was your favorite? Are you going off now to make one yourself? Share it with us in the comments!