Charmin Introduces the “Forever Roll” – A Gigantic Roll of Toilet Paper Just Perfect for Millennials

Image Credit: Charmin

There’s a good chance you don’t think too long and hard about your toilet paper.

I mean, as long as you have some, it does the job, and you don’t walk away with damp fingers or a sore tush, well…what else is there to consider, really?


Charmin thinks they know the question you never thought to ask: why is it such a pain to find places to store your rolls-in-waiting?

Now that they’ve pointed it out, yeah! I hate having to put away all of the new toilet paper rolls. You have to keep a space for them under the sink that could instead be used for towels, or stuff that’s currently on your counter, or the chocolate you want to hide from your toddler…

You get the idea.


Charmin believes they have the answer to that question: the Forever Roll.

It’s a massive spool of toilet paper that measures between 8.7 and 12 inches in diameter – the latter of which is more than twice the size of a standard, 5-inch roll. The idea behind it is to eliminate the need to store extra rolls, and with Marie Kondo and the tiny house craze teaming up to make minimalists of us all, storage space can definitely be at a premium.


So, maybe they’re onto something here?

With the Forever Roll, you should only need to buy toilet paper every 1-3 months (unless you own one of those aforementioned toddlers, and they go on a bathroom rampage). Not only that, but Charmin is selling the mount that will hold the Forever Roll – either a freestanding tower or one that comes with wall brackets, each for a pretty reasonable (imo) $29 a pop.

In case you’re too lazy to do the math, Newsweek did it for you: the Forever Roll is a bit pricier per sheet (58 cents per 100) than the Mega Roll (35 cents per 100).


No one ever said following Marie Kondo was going to be cheap. And I have to say, a pile of extra toilet paper under my sink definitely doesn’t spark joy for me.

What about you?