‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Cast Has Recreated Scenes From the Hit Movie for Charity

Photo Credit: Instagram

Nearly two decades ago, Cheaper by the Dozen hit theaters and turned into a major success. The family-friendly comedy film featured plenty of star power. From Hilary Duff to Steve Martin, the cast made the 2003 movie into a belly-busting pop culture phenomenon.

The Baker family may be a fictional family, but the cast members of Cheaper by the Dozen have reconvened to bring some much-needed comedic relief and entertainment to the masses.

Photo Credit: Instagram

With the COVID-19 pandemic altering the entertainment industry, many casts from big-time movies have come together to recreate scenes for charity. Now, the Baker family has reunited via Instagram to do the same thing.

Besides Martin and Duff, the cast featured many other actors and actresses. Of course, that’s the reality when there are 12 siblings in the family. Other cast members included Bonnie Hunt, Tom Welling, Kevin G. Schmidt, Alyson Stoner, Morgan York, Shane Kinsman, Brent Kinsman, Forrest Landis, Blake Woodruff, and Jacob Smith.

Duff, though, obviously turned out to be the biggest star from the film. In May, she shared a video on Instagram showing some of the characters’ best moments. In addition, the video post asked people to donate to No Kid Hungry, an organization that helps feed children during school closures.


The Cheaper by the Dozen cast isn’t the only one providing online entertainment for charitable purposes. Josh Gad started a YouTube show that has brought on the casts from movies like The Goonies and Back To The Future.

And just in case you haven’t seen the Baker family’s hilarious journey before, or you just want to kick back and have a good laugh again, it’s available on Disney Plus.

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