Check out the Top Ten Most-Liked Instagram Posts of all Time

Image Credit: Facebook

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that all of them are posted by or about celebrities (with many repeats) but you might be surprised to learn which one has the most likes ever! Check them out below…

#10. Cristiano Ronaldo with his girlfriend and son.

Photo Credit: Instagram

People around the world can’t get enough of this guy – 11,305,386 of the showed their love to this image.

#9. Cristiano Ronaldo posing with his girlfriend.

Photo Credit: Instagram

This simple image would get, like, 5 likes for me – but for CR, it earned 11,325,752.

#8. The last image posted by American rapper XXXTentacion before his death.

Photo Credit: Instagram

I’m sure they weren’t exactly “likes,” but this image garnered 11,353,142 of them.

#7. Cristiano Ronaldo tells the world of the birth of his twins.

Photo Credit: Instagram

11,457,926 people liked this image.

#6. Kylie Jenner posts about marking her 21st birthday with her newborn daughter, Stormi.

Photo Credit: Instagram

12.217,105 likes brings this picture in at #6.

#5. Cristiano Ronaldo announces he’s leaving to play for Juventus.

Photo Credit: Instagram

12,247,691 likes as of now.

#4. Ariana Grande’s tribute to Mac Miller after his death.

Photo Credit: Instagram

There’s no caption, but that didn’t stop 12,548,669 people from clicking the ‘heart’ icon.

#3. Kylie and Stormi Jenner on the baby girl’s 1 month birthday.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Getting 13,076,181 likes at one month old sets a high standard!

#2. Justin Bieber announces his engagement to Hailey Baldwin.

Photo Credit: Instagram

13,112,623 likes and counting.

#1. Kylie Jenner shares her daughter Stormi’s name with the world.

Photo Credit: Instagram

This one is tops by a mile, bringing home 18,027,659 likes.