Check out These Movies That Were Ruined by Changing One Word in Their Titles

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Late-night TV host Jimmy Fallon challenged his audience to a fun little game: drastically alter the plot of a movie by changing one word in its title.

Photo Credit: Twitter

This tweet was a big hit and it elicited all kinds of funny responses.

Here are some of the best.

1. That’s not very nice.

2. Long, awkward silences…

3. A young man looking for the best deal.

4. Her parents will not approve.

5. All he wanted was some nuts and bolts!

6. This could be ugly.

7. A slow-moving film.

8. You’re gonna get 90 minutes out of this?

9. Afraid to go outside.

10. I will not be seeing this.

11. Played by Carrot Top.

12. Kind of a boring flick.

13. Mary has a problem.

14. Who will drink it?!?!

15. Time to take a shower.

Now I kind of want to see some of those movies just to see how they would turn out…

We know you probably have some good ideas for this game!

Let us know what you came up with in the comments!