Check Out This Super-Weird Japanese Sushi Ad

I don’t know what company it’s for, nor do I know what they’re trying to say, but if you still can’t get the nasty taste out of your mouth from that crazy-racist Chinese detergent ad

…then this just might do the trick.

It starts out simple enough… There’s a dude.

Photo Credit: sayomgdotcom

There’s a lady.

Photo Credit: sayomgdotcom

They’re staring at each other… but then…

Photo Credit: sayomgdotcom

…it gets weirder (but still SFW).


Photo Credit: sayomgdotcom

Actually, you’re probably just better off watching the rest from here:

I TOLD YOU IT WAS WEIRD. Yet somehow it’s aesthetically pleasing…

Video Source – sayomgdotcom

h/t: Factbolt