Cheetos Is Now Making Mac & Cheese and It Looks Just as Good as It Sounds

Just when you think you’ve heard the weirdest thing yet today, someone comes along and blows your mind a little bit.

Case in point: Cheetos has decided to expand its enterprise to macaroni and cheese. That’s right, everyone’s favorite childhood staple is about to get a lot more interesting.

Boxes of the new offering have been spotted in the wild at Walmart, with people sharing that there are three flavors available: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot, and Cheddar Jalapeño.


To say people are excited is definitely an understatement. Snackgator writes on Instagram:

You aren’t dreaming, this is a real thing, and it’s glorious! These are on the Walmart website, so we know they’ll be in store there pretty soon. They come in three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño, and Flamin’ Hot.

Even better, they suggest several #CheetosMacHack ideas to crumble different Cheetos products over these super cheesy meals.

Many people have also said that each box costs less than $1, which makes it even easier to get all three (or several boxes of all three).


The website Delish was able to get in touch with Walmart, who confirmed that yes: Cheetos mac & cheese is totally real. On top of that, they found out what it’s made up of:

 It’s made with authentic Cheetos cheesiness and corkscrew pasta noodles and will be available in those three flavors in cup or box format.

Sounds like heaven to me!


Are you planning to try Cheetos macaroni and cheese? Which flavor do you want to try first?

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