Chris Crocker, Better Known as the ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ Guy, Is Really Hot Now, Much Stronger Than Yesterday.

Photo Credit: Someecards

Remember Chris Crocker, the “leave Britney alone” guy? You know, the teen who became a YouTube sensation after filming himself tearfully defending Britney Spears in the middle of her 2007 mental breakdown?

This guy?

Well, he’s super good-looking now, which, on the Internet, is the best revenge for mean-spirited viral fame you can hope for.

Feast your Internet eyes on this Internet sensation:


Crocker now works as a comedian and a singer, though several years ago he apparently dabbled with a porn career.

Take heart, kids: no matter how awkward your teenage years, there’s still a chance that, someday, you’ll be hot enough that people will want to pay money to watch you have sex.

This article was first published by our friends at Someecards.