Chris Hemsworth Danced to “Wrecking Ball” with His Kids and Dog and Things Got Wild

Avengers: Infinity War star Chris Hemsworth “wrecked” the internet after posting a video to Twitter of himself, his kids, and their dog dancing to Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”.

Hemsworth might be a hunky Hollywood movie star, but he’s also a dad… and dads never change. It doesn’t matter how many blockbusters you’ve starred in or magazine photo shoots you’ve done, dads are still going to dance embarrassingly in the middle of the living room to their kids’ favorite song. It’s just in their DNA.

So many things about this video are great: the smiles on his kids’ faces, the family dog going crazy, but best of all is the fact that Chris Hemsworth is obviously just a down-to-earth dad.

That Miley wrote this song about her ex-fiancé/his brother Liam Hemsworth just makes the whole thing even more entertaining.

It wasn’t long before the internet started responding, including Miley herself:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @MileyCyrus

Photo Credit: Twitter: @dempapado

Photo Credit: Twitter: @danmic12

Photo Credit: Twitter: @bredevivo

Photo Credit: Twitter: @jediquilI

But everyone knows who really stole the show:

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Paguban

h/t: Mashable

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