Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight Viewers Create #SadTVShows and Win the Internet

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I think that, many times, the Hashtag Wars on @Midnight gather funnier responses than any other hashtag game on the Internet. It’s the topics, maybe, or the fact that Comedy Central allows for a wider breadth of responses.

Whatever it is, I love when Chris Hardwick has people come up with clever twists on existing media – and #SadTVShows is no exception.

#15. Yes. Points.

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#14. You know people would watch.

#13. Not sure why this made me laugh so hard, but there you go.

#12. Maybe too easy, but still decent?

#11. Cringe-worthy.

#10. Yikes. Let’s not beat around the bush!

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#9. Presented without comment. For reasons.

#8. Oh, that’s sad enough to ruin a tea party on the ceiling.

#7. Is that an acne joke? It’s not bad.

#6. So wrong. Points.

#5. I now feel like maybe this should have been the title of the show (or the reboot) all along?

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#4. This guy gave himself some (well-deserved) points.

#3. 🙁

#2. This could also double as the title of the latest dystopian thriller…

#1. Because nothing is sadder than a scalp infestation. #truth

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Check out the ones that earned points on the show in the video below, and don’t forget to follow @DidYouKnowFacts on Twitter!

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