Coffee Ice Cubes and 9 More Mouth-Watering Food Hacks You Should Know

Whether you’re an experienced home cook or your lunchtime go-to is microwave ramen, there’s always something new to be learned in the kitchen.

Food hacks are the best way to get more bang for your buck and save yourself some time and heartache. No as-seen-on-TV products necessary.

Reddit users share these 10 food hacks to turn your every day meals into something special!

1. Let’s start with dessert:

I’ve had these before. They’re DELICIOUS!

You can add 2 eggs and 1/2 a cup of oil to turn any cake mix into cookie dough. from foodhacks

2. I’m drooling:


secret to the best grilled cheese ever: spread mayo instead of butter on the outside of the sandwich from foodhacks

3. As if you needed more protein:

I’m skeptical, but appreciate the ingenuity.

I know this image looks like pot but hear me out: use crushed dried edamame as a breading for chicken in place of bread crumbs for a high protein/less carb crispy crust that tastes awesome from foodhacks

4. Know how to use your tools:

I knew there was a reason I had a vegetable peeler.

Cheese grater broke, used a vegetable peeler to shave my parmesan from foodhacks

5. Waste not, want not:

I’ve never made chicken kiev’s, but now I want to.

It will stop it going soggy at bottom too! from foodhacks

6. Ice, ice, coffee:

You know, just in case you were wanting more caffeine.

Pour some coffee into an ice cube tray. Freeze your ice cubes and use them in your ice coffee instead of regular ice cubes. from foodhacks

7. When life gives you lemons:

Grill salmon!

Try the lemon method under the salmon to avoid burning your fish from foodhacks

8. A simple fix:

This calls for a drink!

look at this from foodhacks

9. Now this I have to try…

It’s healthy, Mom!

Make “sour patch” candy grape snacks by tossing grapes in lemon juice and different flavors of gelatin mix, chill or freeze (black cherry, lemon and lime flavors pictured) from foodhacks

10. This actually did blow my mind:

Isn’t math awesome?

2 frozen pizza 1 tray? No problem from foodhacks

That last one! WHY have I never thought of that before? There will definitely be some homemade sour grapes in my future. And some cake-mix cookies!

I hope you find these food hacks just as mouth-watering as I did. And hopefully you learned something new (like what vegetable peelers are for!)

Do you have any favorite food hacks? Let us know in the comments!