Comedian’s Hilarious Observations About How Parents Treat Oldest Vs Younger Siblings

Photo Credit: Piqsels

Comedian Abby Govindan recently posted an observation on Twitter that every oldest sibling can relate to–just how much crap the younger ones got away with and how much the oldest did not.

She started the thread with a tweet that said, “When my mom found my weed in high school she cried for 3 days, enrolled me in addiction therapy, grounded me for 2 months and took the car away. Yesterday, 6 years later, my mom found my little sisters weed and politely asked her to stop smoking and that was it”

She followed it with a quite sound solution to this rampant ageism–organizing against evil parent empires. “Little siblings don’t read this. Older siblings we must unionize and demand better conditions and equal treatment.”


What came next were tales of anguish, woe and unfairness from other older brothers and sisters who had it way worse than their younger siblings. Also, they are probably adults by now, but are still VERY BITTER (especially about weed).


No one cared about l’il sis or bro’s grades.

By the time the youngest came along, all dreams and aspirations the parents had for their children are dead.

No one really jumped on the union bandwagon, but someone did offer a counter solution.

Of course, the true “victims” are the middle kids.

There are many, many more hilarious, pathetic stories of oldest kids done wrong.

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