Company Tells Worker He Needs to Buy a New Car Because His Current One “Just Looks Bad”

Image Credit: Twitter

Employers everywhere seem to have a bit of an issue staying out of their employees’ business these days – or at the very least, they’re struggling to find the appropriate line between work and personal life.

Which is, I think, what’s happened here, when a company’s HR department issued an official notice to an employee for not driving a nice enough car.

The letter begins by informing the person that “some” companies conduct credit checks to ensure their employs are able to make good financial choices (and apparently to rule out criminal activity), but they don’t do that.

Which would seem good, until the letter goes on a rant about the employee’s older car, and what exactly it says about him and, by extension, the company.

The letter goes on to say that, since they know what said employee makes, they are sure s/he could afford a nicer car, and the fact that s/he is not buying one is somehow suspicious.

Image Credit: Twitter

“Since of course your annual salary is known to us and a newer and more appropriate looking vehicle should be within your financial reach, it is our concern that perhaps you are having a difficult time financially,” the letter reads. “Frankly the concern is that if you cannot afford a newer vehicle then either you may be susceptible to fraud or that you are not responsible for the position you maintain.”

I have no idea what that even means, but it definitely feels insulting.

Which is exactly what virtually everyone on Twitter thought when they saw it.

I mean…you don’t know why a person would choose to keep their old car. Maybe they love it? Maybe they’re keeping it to hand down to a teenager in a few years, or maybe they’re saving up to pay cash for their next car, or maybe they’re saving for college, or maybe they’re saving so they can quit their stupid job working for bosses like you?

The point is, it’s no one else’s damn business.

Change my mind.