Control Your TV with an Official ‘Harry Potter’ Wand Remote!

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Okay, all you Potterheads out there: I know you just can’t seem to get enough of anything Harry Potter-related (candles, clothes, etc.), so here’s some new merchandise you need for your living room ASAP.

The Harry Potter Remote Control Wand allows you to  control your television like a wizard from the comfort of your couch! What else could a person ask for, really?

Photo Credit: Amazon

The wand offers 9 separate commands for your magical hand, including “the Flick Up,” “the Flick Down” and “the Big Swish” to control your telly and other electronics.

You can even watch this video to learn how to program the wand (so you don’t accidentally cast any evil spells).

Amazon describes the wand like this: “The finely detailed wand is modeled directly from the prop used in the ‘Harry Potter’ films and comes complete with a collector box and comprehensive illustrated instructions.”

The wand sells for $49.00, and you might want to snatch one of these up quick because I’m guessing they won’t last long. You know how those Potterheads are…