11 Things People Obsessed With Costco Will Understand

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Costco has a cult following, and why not? It’s a giant warehouse with amazing products at low prices. That is, if you can really use Peter Thomas Roth face cream in bulk.

There’re also cases of organic apples, huge tubs of fresh spinach and 10-pound bags of carrots available for purchase. Make regular, advance meal planning a part of your life and you’ll use it all before it all gets soggy–no problem.

Though maybe you should skip the produce if you’re single and not juicing for every meal. That’s okay, too! There’s always the food court.

In fact, for all you Costco converts, here is a list of 11 food court scenarios only we can look at and say, “Oh…yeah definitely.”

1.  The food court you deserve

No-nonsense and sells everything you need.

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Never could go wrong with #costcofood for lunch.

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2. $1.50 Hot Dogs

Between paychecks? Costco’s got you.

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#costcolunch #lunchatcostco #cheaplunch #latelunch #hotdog #pizza

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3. Fast food Italian

Want your cheap pizza flat or rolled up?

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4. All. Beef. Hot dog.

Protein packed.

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I love this Costco hot dog🌭💕#hotdog #costcohotdog #yummy #yum #food #hotdogincostco

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5. If you could get that BBQ Brisket in bulk…

Change it up with some smoky BBQ.

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BBQ beef brisket sandwich, #brisketsandwich #bbqbeefbrisketsandwich #sandwich #costco #costcosandwich

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6. Delicious, hot pizza

Look so fresh, but they don’t deliver [sad face].

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Costco Pixa forever 💖🍕💖#costcopizza #pixa #pizzasofinstagram

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7. The pizza hotline is the only number you ever want to know by heart

It shoots a pizza shaped signal in the sky. Not really, but it should.

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8. Can’t find Chicken Bake anywhere else

Only at Costco.

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The best thing ever.

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9. …but frozen Chicken Bake comes to the rescue!

When you can’t get enough chicken, cheesy goodness.

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Pure Joy. #costco #chickenbake

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10. Berry Sundaes are berry tasty

Yes, there’s even dessert!

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Costco has a delicious berry sundae. Last time I got one, a strawberry fell off & landed on the ground. That was a sad moment lol. And Angelica said I looked like a sad little kid. Lol. So I got one today & didn't drop any strawberries. And it was delicious. Happy moment. #costcosundae #strawberry #icecream #yummy

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11. And for anyone who wants to feel healthy, they’ve got smoothies!

Your calcium and fruit in a delicious shake.

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dem costco smoothies. #berrygood #costco #costcosmoothie #childhooddrink #yummmy

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See, Costco isn’t just for bulk shopping. For a few bucks (that you found in a pair of jeans you left on the floor last week), you can have a hot, filling meal or a frosty cold treat. Then, when you’re properly fortified, you’ll have the strength to wander from one end of Costco’s vastness to the other, picking your way through tables of track pants, jackets and pajamas.

So, make sure your membership is current, and head out to your local Costco for lunch or early dinner. While you’re there, pick up a nice rotisserie chicken for later.