Could This Viral Hack Really Keep Your Car Snow Free All Winter?

If you’re someone who lives in a colder climate (and who doesn’t have regular access to covered parking), then you feel the pain of running late for work or errands only to realize that your car is buried under a good amount of snow.

Sure, you can scrape it, or you can take the time to warm up your car and let it defrost, but neither of those are ideal options.

This person on TikTok thought they’d come up with a hack that would finally do the trick, but hold on, because some of the commenters aren’t too sure.

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Let’s start with the hack, because it’s pretty simple (yet still effective) – it just involves finding some old blankets or other heavy cloth to cover your car and protect it from the snow.

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Once the snow is done falling or you’re getting ready to pull out of your parking space for the day you simply pull the blankets off (and then toss them in the garage or the washing machine so they don’t melt snow onto your carpets or hardwood floors).

Which means there is still some extra work involved, but at least it won’t make you late for work.

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This is snow we’re talking about, after all – you can’t expect there to be any way to get out of work altogether.

Oh, and if you’ve got a painter’s tarp hanging around or can run out and buy one, so much the better, because they have rings on the sides that will stop it from blowing away before the snow gets heavy enough to do the trick on its own.

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Plus, they’re waterproof.

But hold up – this sounds like a great idea, so what are people hassling OP about in the comments?

Some people seem to think that car covers exist for a reason and that using something different from your linen closet could potentially damage your care if the blankets or towels froze to the paint while on protection duty.


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What do you think? Could this possibly be the answer to all of your snow day woes, or do you agree with the people who worry it could end up being more trouble than it’s worth?

Let us know your opinions down in the comments!