Could you Have Passed this 19th Century Harvard Entrance Exam?

Image Credit: Pixabay

In America today, Harvard is generally accepted to be the top rung of the educational ladder – but has it always been as elite and hard to access as it is now? Well, yes and no.

Over a hundred plus years ago there was no drawn out application process for ANY college. In fact, high school graduates could sit for entrance exams all the way up until the week before classes because colleges had trouble filling their rosters.

That said, the skill sets of the late 19th century were a bit different.

For instance… can you translate this into grammatically correct Latin?

Image Credit: NY Times

Can you decline Latin verbs into the singular and the plural, or spout the rules of the subjunctive?

Image Credit: NY Times

Next up? Greek Grammar and Composition…

Image Credit: NY Times

What in the actual f**k???

Oh, but what about History and Geography? Surely those aren’t that hard.

Well, go ahead and draw a map that outlines the route of the Ten Thousand. I’ll wait.

Image Credit: NY Times

Then, give the maths section a try without the handy calculator you’re currently toting in your pocket (or purse).

Image Credit: NY Times

Trigonometry, Algebra, the whole works.

Know what Plane Geometry is? I don’t either.

Good luck!

Image Credit: NY Times

Okayyyyyyy, so I’m definitely not getting into Harvard.

How about you?

Here’s the PDF if you want to try it at home!