Couple Buys House and Discovers Roman Bath Hidden Underneath the Floors

©Facebook,Mark Ronsman

This story comes to us from the great state of Wisconsin. A couple named Mark and Jenny Ronsman bought a house more than three years ago and they were told that there was a hot tub hidden under the floor of their new home office.

Fast forward to recently. The Ronsmans decided to finally put in the work to uncover the mysterious hot tub and so they got down to business.

First, they tore the carpet out above the hot tub in the home office.

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mark Ronsman

Then it was time to get the cover removed so the Ronsmans could see what this baby looked like.

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mark Ronsman

Looks an AWFUL lot like a hot tub…

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mark Ronsman

And boy, were they impressed with the reveal.

Mark said, “I was truly shocked and overjoyed that something so beautiful was IN our house! I was also truly grateful to discover the previous owners took such great care that what they did could be reversed!”

Get a load of this thing!

Photo Credit: Facebook,Mark Ronsman

They have fun…

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mark.Ronsman

Mark explained the process for getting the tub back into tip-top shape:

“Thankfully, the tub was in really great shape. The tile is absolutely beautiful. After tearing off the cover, I then had to chip away all of the leveling material they used around the edges of the tub. Next, I put a new coat of sealant on the stone floors.

After that, we spent hours upon hours getting all of the grout whitened and the tub sanitized. We also had to put weather stripping on all the doorways to better seal in the air.

Finally, we added a security system so that an alarm will go off if someone enters the room without deactivating it. We have a small child and never wanted to have to worry about her falling in unsupervised.”

That last part… great thinking! You never want a small kid falling into that thing, with or without water.


Photo Credit: Facebook,Mark Ronsman

If I lived in the house, I don’t think I would ever leave that bath!

It looks amazing!

I might even sleep in there…

Congrats to these two!