This Couple Lost 400 lbs Together and Now They Are Recreating Old Photos to Show off Their Success


Losing weight is a serious challenge, even if you’re only looking to drop about 20 pounds or so. Now, think about trying to lose weight when you weigh 500 pounds? Indiana residents Lexi Reed and her husband Danny knew they both needed to commit to a healthier lifestyle, and the duo lost an incredible 400 pounds (combined) in only 18 months. It’s easy to see the transformation in these ‘before and after’ photos.

Lexi said, “We didn’t have a meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but what we did have was each other and the motivation within to work hard every single day. We wanted to be parents in the future and live a longer life together.” Lexi and Danny recreated some of their old photos to show just how dramatic both of their transformations have been.

Lexi said, “Together we started meal prepping, drinking water instead of soda, quit watching television and started moving more, going to the gym just 30 minutes five times a week, focusing on our future every day, setting goals – and day by day the weight took care of its self.” Lexi used to weigh nearly 500 pounds, and now she weighs just 182.

Great work, Lexi and Danny! This is an inspiring story about how we can all reach our goals, if we stick with them and work hard.

h/t: Pizza Bottle