Couple Makes Super-Cool Christmas Tree out of Mirrors

Photo Credit: Facebook, Emily Seilhamer

Some people love Christmas because it means spending time with friends and family. Others, such as this couple, love Christmas because it means they can go buck wild with decorations – even make their own trees out of mirrors.

Emily Seilhamer and Vėjūnė Rimašiūtė make these amazing trees every year.

Seilhammer is actually an artist who makes many projects out of discarded objects all year long, but people wait all year long to check out her trees.

They may not look like much when the lights are on, or during the day, but it’s obvious that Emily and Vėjūnė put a lot of care and details into their decorations. And it’s not in the light that the tree’s true magic shines…

Just this subtle green tint is already changing the appearance of this tree!

And then BAM! It truly is gorgeous.

Though Christmas is always exciting, it may feel as if everything has already been done – we’ve all decorated a tree before, after all (or most of us have, anyway). This couple has found an exciting, new way to decorate their home and share their love for the holidays.

Subtle changes in ornamentation create different illusions, and this decoration sure is beautiful!

The couple even uploaded a video of their process so people can see how hard they work to make these trees – and also try and make their own.

This is certainly an original way to revamp a classic holiday decoration. What do you think of this new Christmas tree? We’ll be glad to know your thoughts!