Couple Throws Costco-Themed Birthday Party for Their 1-Year-Old Son

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Costco is one of those universally beloved stores. Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t find delight in Costco? Even babies love it — which is why one couple threw a Costco-themed birthday party for their one-year-old son.

Sebastian and Josie Gonzalez are huge fans of Costco.

“Everywhere you look in our home you’ll find something from Costco,” Josie told Insider. “Dog food, baby formula, diapers, cleaning products, furniture, decor, shampoo and conditioner, toys …  I could go on and on.”

So when their son Mason turned one, they knew it was the perfect excuse for a Costco party.

The event was complete with Costco T-shirts, Costco name tags, and Costco-style signs. One sign read: “Kirkland Signature Golden Retriever, Sampson. 74 pounds. Sell price: FREE.”

There was also a grand opening-inspired red balloon arch and an “Employee of the Year” section. The employee of the year was, of course, Mason.

Oh, and there were platters of Costco samples on the table.

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The Gonzalezes’ guests totally played into the theme.

“They ordered shirts, aprons, hairnets, etc,” Josie said. “[Guests] arrived with bottles of Kirkland wine and liquor, someone even brought one of Costco’s famous rotisserie chickens.”

Josie did not, however, use a Costco sheet cake. She had other “sentimental plans” for the cake (presumably she made it herself or something).

Regardless, the party was a rousing success! And Mason had a great time, even if he didn’t realize the potential savings opportunities.

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Even the dog loved it!

That’s a good party.