Couples Reveal When They Knew the Honeymoon Phase Was Over

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No matter how fiery they may start, most relationships settle in and get a little duller after a while.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s exhausting to be on fire all the time, especially as you get older. At some point you just want someone to share your life with in a way that’s calm and simple and reassuring.

But for better or for worse, there’s almost certainly going to come a point where you realize the honeymoon is over, like these anonymous folks did.

10. It’s already past

And we haven’t even had the literal honeymoon yet.

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9. What’s the poop scoop?

Tidings of comfort and joy.

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8. Only the necessities

That’s called stress, yo.

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7. He’s a keeper

Fun fact: because my mom only ever bought ginger ale when I was sick, I now associate the taste of ginger ale with being sick and I can’t drink it.

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6. The temper tantrum

I’d like to know more about what exactly the cigarette issue was.

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5. The fart of war

There really are no winners here.

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4. Can’t unsee

Ah, grow up.

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3. The cheat

I’d say more than that phase is probably over.

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2. You can pick your husband…

Sweet cupin’ cakes!

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1. Anxiety

It’s the big ol’ ghost that haunts us all.

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There’s no denying that the honeymoon phase must end, like all good things. But that doesn’t mean the love goes away.

Have you had a realization like this?

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