Crazy Adam Sandler Fan Theory: “The Sandlerverse”

Photo Credit: The Daily Dot

For some odd reason, Adam Sandler movies make big box office dollars even though critics usually hate them. Fans consume the unfunny garbage fires he puts his name on like it’s their job to make Sandler rich. But, aside from almost universal disdain, is there something tying Sandler’s movie together?

One diehard fan, comedian Shawn Kohne, has a very interesting theory: he connected all of Sandler’s movies and found they were part of the same universe, the “Sandlerverse.”

Kohne looks a little deranged as he puts together tenuous clues in the video, and Sandler himself hasn’t responded to Kohne’s claims. However, one of Sandler’s co-writers and actors, Tim Herlihy tweeted this at Kohne:

Photo Credit: Twitter

“I knew when I published the video I had not found all the connections between movies,” Kohne said. “That’s why the ending is an open call for others to continue the work I have started on The Sandlerverse. The really cool thing, for me, is that not even Tim Herlihy knew about the stuffed duck! That is what’s awesome about doing videos like this.”

Who knows? Maybe there is some connection between Sandler’s piles of poo. Though that doesn’t really excuse how awful they are…

(Author’s note: I did enjoy Sandler’s work as a teenager, and adolescent boys are likely his target market. I just hope he’s cooled it a little since people walked off the set of The Ridiculous Six in disgust.)