15 Photos Of Weird Animals And Other Things People Found

Photo Credit: Bright Side

They say the truth is often stranger than fiction, and I believe it. Just look at all the incredibly weird stuff that you can apparently find across the earth and under the sea. Honestly, if aliens landed in the ocean, we’d probably never even know because they’d barely stand out.

There’s just so much weird stuff out there that I personally think Mother Nature must get drunk a lot. Don’t believe me? Check these out:

1. Purple goop

Photo Credit: Reddit, рosierahraaa

The tunicate is a marine animal found in waters all over the world. Its name comes from its jellylike outer covering which resembles a tunic.

2. Dragon eggs

Photo Credit: Reddit, H.G. Bells

While this definitely looks like it’ll hatch something that Khaleesi is going to fly on later, it’s actually the cone of the Bunya pine. This coniferous evergreen can grow up to 148 feet (45 m).

3. So cute!

The axolotl is a Mexican amphibian that is famous for being able to regenerate virtually any lost body part.

4. Clear blob

Photo Credit: Reddit, atreldes

This watery-looking blob is a member of the Pterotracheoidea family of marine sea slugs, but it’s also sometimes known as a “sea elephant.”

5. Creepy crawlies

Photo Credit: Reddit, Lydi-ahaha

These scale insects are often considered a pest, but some species of them secrete waxes that have been used commercially.

6. Orange of the Sea?

This almost looks like some kind of undersea fruit, but it’s actually a variety of sea anemone.

7. Concrete jungle

Photo Credit: Pikabu, Polyglot

The polypore fungi looks like a chunk of broken pavement, and grows in a wide variety of conditions.

8. This is my nightmare

The brittle star is a type of deep-sea starfish. This particular specimen has thousands of tentacles.

9. …WTF

These fish look like a cartoon of a bunch of angry old men with big mustaches. They’re actually Lycodes reticulatus, a rare deep-sea fish

10. Cotton ball?

Nope! It’s a formation known as gall, which is created by insects on top of plants for a variety of reasons, from feeding to laying eggs.

11. Beautifully gross

Photo Credit: Instagram, freymanbg

This strangely beautiful looking formation is a fungus known as an anemone stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra). It gets its name due to how it exudes a smell of rotten meat.

12. Awwww!

The Dumbo octopus gets its name from those adorable little flaps that make it resemble Disney’s most famous elephant.

13. Yum?

Jabuticaba (Brazilian grapetree) is an evergreen Brazilian fruit tree whose berries actually grow on the trunk of the tree rather than the branches. The berries are edible, and often used to make jellies, juices, and even wine.

14. Mind out of the gutter

Yes, I know what these look like. But they’re actually sea cucumbers, so stop being so juvenile.

15. It’s got people teeth!

The Promachoteuthis sulcus is a member of the squid family, distinguished most prominently by what looks like a set of human teeth.