A Creepy Abandoned ‘Flintstones’ Theme Park in Arizona Still Attracts Visitors

©Flickr, Rosa Menkman

The final episode of The Flintstones aired in 1966, but the show has lived on throughout the years in syndication and also that live-action film from the 1990s. I know – I grew up on it. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to learn about an abandoned Flintstones theme park in Arizona.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Rosa Menkman

I mean, abandoned theme parks are awesome – so an abandoned Flintstones theme park is obviously doubly awesome.

The park has been around since 1972 and is located in Williams, Arizona, 30-minutes from the Grand Canyon. That year, a couple named Linda and Francis Speckels bought 6 acres of land and turned it into a Flintstones tourist attraction.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Amy Meredith

There are replica stone houses in “Bedrock City” like the ones the Flintstones and the Rubbles lived in, a large metal “brontosaurus” slide, and statues of characters from the show. Live actors used to be on the grounds, but sadly that’s not the case anymore.

Photo Credit: Flickr,Rosa Menkman

The property is actually for sale for a cool $2 million. Take a look at these photos and tell me you’re not going to stop by this place next time you happen to be driving through Arizona. I know I will.

h/t: Mental Floss