Cuddle Club Brings Senior Humans and Senior Dogs Together and It’s Beautiful

It’s no secret, puppies and kittens have a much easier time getting adopted than their older, senior counterparts, but one shelter in San Francisco, California is exclusively working to find senior dogs their forever homes.

Muttville is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues senior dogs (ages 7 and up) from all over California.

Their mission is to give senior dogs a second chance at life, and with their programs like Seniors for Seniors and Cuddle Club, they are improving the lives of human senior citizens in their community as well.

The Seniors for Seniors program waives the adoption fee for human senior citizens (over the age of 62), and sends them home with a month’s worth of doggie supplies.

But not all seniors are able to adopt, especially if they live in a nursing home or senior facility. Enter: Cuddle Club.

Cuddle Club is a special program that allows senior citizens to visit with senior dogs, on-site.

Seniors sign up ahead of time and are able to spend an afternoon giving and receiving love. The senior dogs simply adore scoring the extra pets and kisses.

This beautiful arrangement provides both senior humans and dogs the opportunity for much-needed relaxation and connection.

At Muttville, all dogs received veterinary care, grooming, and are placed with a foster family as soon as possible. Adoption events every Saturday and Sunday, noon-4pm.

If you want to learn more about Muttville and Cuddle Club, check out the video below, or visit their website.

Nothing warms the heart like knowing these senior dogs (and humans) are receiving the love they deserve and need.

Would you adopt a senior dog? Have you? Tell us your pet story in the comments.