Dad Picked The Worst Outfit To Send His Daughter for School, No Pants!


There are endless memes around the internet about hapless dads doing their best on the days their uber-organized, always-on-top-of-it wives leave them in charge of the house and the kids and probably a dog or two, as well.

It never goes well in the stories – and in this case, the memes are on the money.

Maryland mom Aliza Friedlander had been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years before going back to work part-time. Most days she was still home to take the kids to school before heading to her job, but on this fateful morning, she had an event that saw her out the door early.


Enter her husband Brad, who was tasked with getting the kids fed, dressed, and to school on time.

It all might have been fine, had their preschooler not decided to pull a fast one, informing her dad that a pair of training underwear were, in fact, “shorts.”

Reader, he didn’t know the difference.


Their daughter, Brooklyn, caused quite the stir at school, which called Aliza. She, of course, texted her clueless hubby in an attempt to figure out what exactly had happened.

“You sent her to school in her underwear,” she said.

“Who?” he asked (because of course he did).


Brad concludes that at least she’s dressed. And you know what? He’s not wrong.

Aliza says she found the entire thing funny, and she knows that her husband is a great and capable father – he might just need a lesson or two about toddler clothes.

So, you know – if your husband has ever sent your kid to school in mismatched clothes, you can officially say a silent thank you that it wasn’t worse.

At least they were wearing pants. We assume.