Dad Takes Family Cat to the Groomer. Returns With Accordion Shaped Cat. Everyone Has Questions.

Image Credit: Instagram

There’s probably not one single person alive who has never left a hair salon with that sick, annoyed, or angry feeling in the pit of their stomach that can only mean one thing – you’ve gotten a bad haircut.

Our pets are not exempt from this rule, though whether or not they feel embarrassed over a poor snip is up for discussion.

Twitter user Caitlin Christine shared these hilarious images of her family’s cat after a botch job that honestly? Might not have totally been the groomer’s fault.


Because her father dropped the cat off and asked for it to “look like a tiger, do what you can do” in order to mess with his wife.


And this is what they got. Pure genius.



The family was fairly amused, but mom didn’t quite see the humor in owning an accordion-shaped cat for the weeks to come.

Image Credit: Twitter

Twitter, however, definitely came down on the “this is hilarious” side.

Because, come on… this IS hilarious.


Mom needs to grow a sense of humor.

Classic dad move…

Decide for yourself, but idk. I think she’s going to find the whole thing funny.