You Can Buy A 10.5-Foot Tall Oogie Boogie Inflatable For Halloween At Home Depot

Image Credti: Home Depot

Some people go all-out for Christmas decorations, festooning the inside and outside of their house as if they’ve been possessed by the spirit of Clark Griswold before everything starts to go to hell.

Other people live for autumn, and luckily for them, the idea of decorating the inside and outside of your home for Halloween is really catching on.

And despite the fact that no one seems to know if The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie, a Christmas movie, or both, one thing is for sure – the cult classic has found its way into many a family tradition.

Image Credit: Home Depot

Home Depot understands this part of our holiday souls, and is bringing you a giant inflatable from the show just in time for this year’s spookiest season.

Image Credit: Home Depot

Oogie Boogie is, of course, the main antagonist from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Voiced by Ken Page, the giant, glowing green villain is a burlap sack filled with all kinds of nightmares, and you know what…your neighbors are going to love him.

Image Credit: Home Depot

The inflatable version sold by Home Depot is 10.5 feet tall, 8.5 feet wide, and glows that unmistakable green thanks to his energy-efficient LED’s.

The package claims he inflates and deflates easily and quickly, and comes with stakes to keep him from running off and terrorizing people in the middle of the night.

Image Credit: Home Depot

He’s a bit pricey – $150, according to the website – but I mean, you get what you pay for.

And if you want to have the best Halloween decorations on the block, I think we all know what you need waving and glowing in your front lawn.

It’s Oogie Boogie, and no one and nothing else will do.