Delta Airlines Responds to Customer Who Says He Was ‘Sucked Through Toilet Hole’ on Plane

Photo Credit: iStock

In the age of social media, one of the best ways to get a company’s customer service department to actually listen to your concerns is to blast them on Twitter. Some companies are more responsive than others — and apparently, Delta Airlines is really on the ball.

The airline company replied to a user’s joke tweet about having been “sucked through the toilet hole” on one of their flights.

“Excuse me @Delta but this is outrageous,” Twitter user Drew Gooden wrote. “I just got sucked through the toilet hole in one of your aircrafts and am now hurtling through the sky, can I get my money back? This never happens on Southwest.”

People quickly caught onto the joke.

“It’s because you didn’t pay for the ‘secure toilet’ add-on in your Delta account,” one person replied. “You gotta watch out for those sneaky up-charges!”

But really, the icing on the cake was when Delta actually replied to the tweet as they would to a real complaint. They ended with the signature of the employee and everything!

“Hello Drew, I am sorry to learn of this, can you provide more detail to what occurred. HBB,” their reply read.

Drew proceeded to “provide more detail”:

Gonna need more details than that, Drew. But given the circumstances, he did pretty well.

“You are really good at typing while you are hurtling through the sky so brave,” one person joked in response.

Sadly, Delta never followed up with Drew again after his response. Guess they don’t REALLY care about customers getting sucked through toilet holes after all!!!

Or maybe they took the conversation to DM.