Dentist Prosecuted for Extracting a Patient’s Tooth While Riding a Hoverboard

Photo Credit: iStock

Going to the dentist can be really scary, but it helps if you truly trust your dentist to take care of you while you’re in that chair.

One dentist is being prosecuted for betraying that trust – by riding a frickin’ hoverboard during an operation. I mean, what??

Seth Lookhart, a dentist in Alaska, extracted a patient’s tooth while standing on a hoverboard – but don’t just take our word for it. He captured the whole thing on video.

After successfully finishing the extraction, Seth pulled off his gloves, hoverboarded down the hall, and threw his hands in the air victoriously.

Seth sent the video to his friends and family. Three years later, it’s being used as evidence in a criminal case against him.

Seth is facing 43 charges. Aside from the hoverboard operation (which I just cannot get over), he is also being charged with various financial crimes, including a scheme to defraud Alaska Medicaid of $10,000 and diverting over $25,000 from Alaska Dental Arts.

Seth pleaded not guilty to all counts. His defense attorney says that, while he definitely did something wrong, he didn’t commit a crime.

But…this seems illegal. And if it’s not, it should be:

“Should he lose his dental license for a period of time, for forever? Is it a crime?” attorney Paul Stockler told CNN. “He’s not the first person to do something idiotic. I’ve seen things a lot worse and nobody’s ever had criminal charges filed against them. As the law is written, I don’t believe that’s a crime.”

Seth’s patient is not the one who pressed charges. Because she was sedated, she wasn’t even aware of the hoverboard until charges were already pressed and the state of Alaska asked her to confirm that it was her in the video.