Telling identical twin babies apart can be extremely difficult, but even more extreme is this father’s solution to telling one baby from the other. He wants to get one of his boys tatted up, and it’s for a good reason.

Desperate dad Redditor Thrwydad took to the front page of the Internet to discuss the heart-wrenching reason why he would go so far as to tattoo one of his children. One of his 12-month-old twin boys has a serious health condition and needs to take medication every four hours. Determining who’s who is vital, and Thrwydad must always find the correct son to give the medication.

Thrwydad and his wife have been using a permanent marker to distinguish the twins, Adam and Aaron. They stopped after one horrifying moment when the boys’ grandma gave the medication to the wrong child. The mark on Aaron’s body disappeared when she gave them a bath. Adam was immediately hospitalized, and Aaron had also gotten sick from not having received his medication.

“This is a serious extreme situation and I don’t want to take this risk again,” the dad wrote on the Reddit thread. “We have had other mix-ups with the boys but it has never wound up this bad.”

The couple has tried just about everything to tell the twins apart: nail-polish, bracelets, clothes with different colors, and even completely shaving one of the boys’ head. These attempts all failed for dad, who said they are only temporary solutions. He pleaded with Reddit users to suggest a more permanent fix. He wrote: “I read online about someone tattooing a single dot on one of their twins and also about piercing ears. I really hate to say it but we are here.”

“I need to do something permanent. I could have lost both my sons last weekend and I’m desperate. I am only after permanent solutions. Believe me when I say we have tried everything else before and it didn’t work. Please help me. I don’t want to lose my boy.”

Reddit users were split over whether a tattoo or piercing would be the better route for the dad. One commenter thought it was a no-brainer to get a tattoo.

Photo Credit: Reddit

Most of the up-voted comments on the thread stated they would choose a tiny dot tattoo over a piercing, which could cause an infection or might get pulled out.

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