Disney Fans Can Grab a Fake Succulent Replica of Chip From “Beauty and the Beast”

If there’s an intersection of people in this world, I’m betting that it’s people who love plants and people who love Disney. There’s no way those people don’t exist, and even less of a possibility that they’re not going to go nuts for this planter that looks like Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

Plants brighten our dreary, winter days. The green spots in our homes make us smile, and even if they’re not real and don’t recycle any air, anything that battles depression is good for the soul, don’t you think?

Image Credit: Amazon

The ceramic “cup” planter is 5 inches tall, which makes it a great size for a desk or table top planter.

Chip Potts has a high-gloss glaze finish and even has sand glued to the top to look like a real plant – but since it’s a fake succulent, you never have to worry about killing it, so that makes it even better in my book.

Image Credit: Disney

The description says that “despite Chip’s flawed appearance, no liquids need spill from this pot inspired by the little cup from Beauty and the Beast.

 The faux succulent will thrive happily without watering!

Image Credit: Disney

If you’ve just realized that you can’t live without this in your life, you can nab one from Disney for just $14.99.

It’s the perfect treasure for fans who can’t get to the park right now – and who better to occupy a place in your cabinet than Chip?

Although if you’ve seen the movie, you can be sure he won’t stay put.