10 Dirty Innuendos From Kids Movies That You Probably Didn’t Notice

Photo Credit: Dreamworks

Remember when you were a little kid and you watched the same movies a billion times? You could recite every line and the characters became your friends?

Maybe now you have little ones of your own or young nieces and nephews enjoying that same stage in their blissful lives. So, you pop in or start to stream an old favorite, and there it is. Something you’ve never noticed before. Something…disturbing.

Panicked, you check the kids’ faces for signs they understand what’s going on. But there they sit with rapt attention, glued to the tube with nary a care.

Thank GOD.

Now that you have a free moment because the kiddos aren’t around you, scroll through these 10 weird details from kids movies you didn’t notice until much later.

1. Toy Story

Slinky says something nice that irritates Mr. Potato Head. Mr. Potato Head then takes the lips off his face and sticks them on his butt to imply Slinky can kiss his ass. How rude!

Photo Credit: Pixar

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

When the babies are floating out of the sky to their parents, one of the fathers seems to suggest his wife had an affair. Well, that’s one way to divert from the “where do babies come from?” question.

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

3. Shrek

When Lord Farquaad is in bed looking at a picture of Princess Fiona, he sheepishly pulls up his sheet to cover his “excitement.”

Photo Credit: Dreamworks

4. Shrek 2

In one scene, the wolf is reading a magazine called “Pork Illustrated” with a racy cover picture of a voluptuous pig in a red bikini.

Photo Credit: Dreamworks

5. The Incredibles

Mrs. Incredible spent much of this movie believing her husband was having an affair.

Photo Credit: Pixar

6. The Emperor’s New Groove

Kronk’s pitched tent was rather suggestive of something erotic happening…in his pants.

Photo Credit: Disney Pictures

7. Aladdin and the King of Thieves

At the wedding, elephants stampede though the castle causing everything to shake. Genie makes a sexy joke. “Mommy? What happens on a honeymoon?”

8. Three Little Pigs

The portrait of the Pigs’ fathers is of a cut of pork…ready to talk about the cute animals we eat with your future vegan daughter?

9. Arthur Christmas

Peter the Elf crushes on Steve and gave him underwear for Christmas. At 4:00 a.m., Steve gets a message from Peter that looks like a lot like a booty call.

10. Scooby-Doo

Of course Mary Jane is Shaggy’s favorite name because, he’s, like, a total stoner.

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

It’s funny to see what animators slip in there for the adults in the room, but it makes you wonder…what else did you miss when you were little?

Can you think of any more of these? Please, please leave them in the comments.