Do You Remember the Scariest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life? People Responded.

You gotta keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about, friends…but I’m sure you already know that, right?

Because the fact is that danger really does lurk around every corner.

I’m not trying to tell you to never leave your house again, but just be aware of your surroundings.

Get it? Got it? Good!

AskReddit users talked about the scariest things they’ve ever seen.

Let’s take a look.

1. Scary.

“My brother losing consciousness and falling down the stairs.

He lay on the floor with his eyes open and blood coming out of his ear.

He was fine after one day at the hospital, but I sure as hell thought I just witnessed the d**th of my brother.”

2. Awful.

“Seeing my sweet kind terrified mother crying out for d**th as she dealt with a huge tumor in her esophagus that prevented her from swallowing, after having had brain surgery to remove another tumor, to help with quality of life.

F**k cancer.”

3. Bushfires.

“People don’t realise just how scary bushfires are when you’re in the thick of it.

I grew up in the Adelaide Hills, in an area which is half orchards half scub/bushland/forest, and still live up here. I’ve been around enough fires, but the most recent, and worst, one was a couple days before Xmas 2019 when the front was 2km from home and the wind swung, sending it to someone else’s house. Spend a couple days after that doing fencing on a mates farm, and the aftermath is just as bad.

When you try to describe it to people, you can see that they just don’t get it. The sound, the smell, everything changing colour, the traffic, the wildlife, the fear and the lack of knowledge about anything that’s going on. Trying to set up sprinklers and leaving your own house to help the neighbour start their fire pump.

Having a passer-by stop and ask for a chainsaw because the only road out is blocked by a fallen tree. Leaving home with your go-bag and hearing on the radio the words “If you’re in X area, do not try to leave, it is too late, stay home and shelter in place.” That God awful mother fu**king whooping siren on ABC radio when it’s time for the fire update, and you just hope it’s gone AWAY from mums house, even if it’s coming toward yours.

And then afterwards the quiet, the dust and ash, the dryness, everything black and grey. The d**d animals tangled in fences or burned alive. The livestock you need to shoot because of their burned hooves. Literally falling into ash pits while walking through paddocks, and stopping work on fencing or moving stock or whatever every two hours to put out spot fires that pop up from trees that have been smouldering for two days.

The d**d quiet, no birds flying overhead all day. The road closures while they make safe, so a 5 minute drive becomes a 30 minutes drive while you try to find a way home to see if you still have a home, let alone a cat, dog, chickens or heirlooms.

I felt numb for days after that. I cried alone a few times though, because it helps. I’m a bit teary now.

That said, it’s all worth it to live where we do. And for many of us, it’s all we’ve ever known.”

4. Terrifying.

“I grew up in Tanzania.

When I was 8 my family was driving home through the city at night and I saw a girl, probably not much older than me, running through traffic.

clothes were ripped like someone tore them off of her. We made eye contact for a second and the genuine fear in her eyes is completely unforgettable.

A man ran after her about 30 seconds later pi**ed beyond belief, I obviously don’t know the whole story but I’m willing to bet she was trying to escape s**ual abuse.

I still wonder if he caught her, and if he did, if she made it out.”

5. Right in front of me…

“This happened just this past weekend.

Came home to find my brother blacked out and when he came to he could barely stand, walk, was in an altered mental state talking like he was d**nk.

He hadn’t eaten or drank anything but water in 3 days and had been sleeping pretty much around the clock. Turns out he’s diabetic now and was experiencing Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Spent the weekend in the ICU.

He blacked out because he was so dehydrated that his heart couldn’t properly pump blood and his blood pressure was bottoming out while his heart rate was skyrocketing. His blood glucose was sky high. He’s doing better now thankfully.

But I thought I was watching my big brother, my best friend, d** right in front of me at the time.”

6. He survived.

“Saw a guy get punched square in the jaw with brass knuckles by a guy who outweighed him by 60 lbs and knew how to throw a punch.

The victim fell so hard and fast he blew his knees out. I was certain that he was d**d but luckily he survived.”

7. Plane crash.

“Witnessed a plane crash that ki**ed all four people on board after I had fueled their plane, met them, and helped them with getting bags on it.

I remember watching it take off then seeing something fall off of it. I called the control tower to tell him to tell the pilot something came off his plane (thinking maybe he left something on the wing or something), then mid convo the controller said “Gotta go! He’s got smoke in the cockpit! *Clicks*”

Watched the plane turn around to try to get back to the airport. I thought he was going to make it, but he never turned toward the runway after going by as smoke was trailing him, and he disappeared behind the treeline. I thought maybe he was going for a field or something and would be alright, then followed by the biggest explosion I’ve ever seen in my life.

I lost sleep for a few days cause I couldn’t stop replaying the scene in my head. I still remember it very vividly to this day, and how terrified I was wondering if it was anything I did while fueling it or something that caused it.”

8. Passed out.

“I watched my mom as she fell down the stairs and land flat on her face on the kitchen floor.

I thought she was d**d until she started snoring, but with a bloody face.”

9. Driving through West Virginia.

“I was driving through West Virginia late one night with a 3 car wedge behind an F350 dually with 3 full size Mercedes SUVs on it (definitely not as large of a load as yours, but enough to where I had to be careful going through the mountains).

I was going down a fairly steep part of the interstate when I saw a person crawling out of the ditch onto the shoulder. There was no way I could slam on my brakes so I called 911 and they said they were getting another call about it also. So at least I knew I wasn’t going crazy.

I pulled over soon after and got a hotel because I was kinda shaken up, and the next morning I turned on the news and I guess the guy had crashed his motorcycle the day before and spent the whole day climbing up to the road and as soon as he got there he d**d.”

10. Wow.

“A guy committed s**cide at my work.

I worked at a mall at the time that had 3 floors and he jumped from the highest then landed in front of my store.

I’ll never forget the sound he made when he hit the floor.”

11. Sad.

“A homeless man frozen to d**th lying on a subway grate in Manhattan, with his hand still out begging.”

12. The incident.

“I watched a man shoot another man in the head at an apartment complex. I was coming out the door and someone screamed, ” get back in”.

I ran back in and heard the shots. Looked out the window and saw the man laying on the ground with holes in his head. The man who was shot had been seeing the other mans wife.

The crazy thing is I worked with the woman. She never came back to work. I had PTSD for a while because of this.”

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