Doctors Say You Probably Don’t Need To Worry About “iPhone Pinky”

Listen, there are a lot of ailments that people come up with today that wouldn’t have been applicable 50 years ago…or even 30 years ago, for that matter – because they’re all related to technology.

I don’t know how much time you’ve spent considering how you hold your smartphone while you scroll and type with your thumb, but someone on Twitter did – and they freaked out a bunch of other people on Twitter when they claimed we’re all slowly destroying our pinky fingers.

Who knew, right?

Not these people, who went looking for those telltale dents…and found them.

Image Credit: Meet the Internet

At least they don’t really seem to be freaking out.

Image Credit: Meet the Internet

Before you freak out after staring at your pinky too hard, listen to osteopathic physician Dr. Ruba Katrajian.

They told Buzzfeed that “smart phone pinky finger” is not a known medical condition (at this point) and that the dents people are seeing on their finger is just caused by the “weight of the phone.”

There is also no evidence this causes damage to your ulnar nerve or any other part of your hand.

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That said, they did say that repeated strain on any of your muscles or tendons can cause issues like tendonitis or carpal tunnel, so you do want to pay attention to not only how you hold your phone, but how many hours a day you’re doing it.

So, you can go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief.

But maybe invest in a pop socket while you’re at it.