Dog Groomer Hangs Poster Explaining Why They’re More Expensive Than a Hairdresser, and It Makes Total Sense

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If you have a hairy dog, you know all about the grooming struggle. You have two options: Pay an arm and a leg to get your pup professionally groomed, or do it yourself and end up with a dog who looks like he cut his own hair.

But while dog grooming definitely comes with some sticker shock, there is a reason why it’s so much more expensive than, say, a human haircut. One dog groomer posted a sign with 10 reasons why you your dog groomer deserves to be paid more than your own hairdresser.

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As the list points out, dog groomers do wayyyy more for their clients than hairdressers. There’s the first and most obvious difference, which is that dogs are covered in hair head to toe and humans are… not! Groomers also clean and express your dog’s butt, clear the boogers from his eyes, clean his ears, and clip his nails.

Also, a lot of dogs don’t particularly enjoy being groomed. They’ll squirm, bite or scratch, and possibly poop or pee. Do humans do that to their hairdressers? Hopefully never.

Photo Credit: BarkTV

Honestly, anyone who’s ever tried to groom their dog themselves will realize that, yeah, groomers definitely deserve their full fee!