Dog Owner Builds a “Stick Library” for the Pups at the Local Park

Image Credit: Instagram

You might have heard of these things called “Little Free Libraries” that are popping up in towns all over the world. You just need a box sturdy enough to protect books from the elements, a sign, a collection cup for donations, and of course, some books.

People are free to check them out, return them, donate their own, etc. It’s an awesome idea to bring books into the world.

Now one dog owner has taken that concept and applied to to man’s best friend, in the form of a stick library at the local dog park.


Why sticks? Well, they make dogs happy, of course – big dogs, little dogs, in-between dogs, they all love to carry, chase, and chew on a bit of wood when they get the chance.

59-year-old dog owner Andrew Taylor got the idea for a stick library because his dog, Bella, really loves sticks. Plus, they’re great toys for her because she always ripped anything less sturdy to shreds.

The New Zealander took sticks he’d amassed while trimming trees at home, sanded them until they were smooth and clean (saving the dogs’ teeth and gums!) and then crafted a wooden box to store the sticks in at the park.


On the top he engraved “Stick Library” and a few words encouraging people to return the sticks once their dogs were finished.

Taylor’s daughter invited a bunch of dog owners to the park to give the new box a try, and around 50 people and their pooches showed up to play.


Everyone loved the box and couldn’t believe no one had ever considered the simple idea before then – after all, we’ve all going looking for that “good stick” to toss to our dog, only to come up empty.

I think this could definitely catch on at dog parks around the world, don’t you?